Friday, January 6, 2012

Spot of Tea

Yesterday, I was playing tea party with K. The rules are simple, which I like. I have a hard time keeping up with the ever changing rules to the other games in her life.

The party's going well. She turns to me with cup and saucer in hand.

"Mama, would you like a spot of tea?"

What the eff? Who is this child?

Let me remind you she's 3 1/2 and we don't have a British nanny. And as far as I know, I don't say spot of tea. Where does she get this stuff?

At this point, I determine she's brilliant, even a genius. There is no other explanation. I pat myself on the back. I must be doing an amazing job for her to be this smart.

"Mama? How about a spot of vegetable? Maybe a carrot?"

So, okay. Maybe she's not a genius. But she's still pretty smart. And I'm still killing it at this mother thing. It's obvious I've instilled the love of vegetables in her.

A few moments later, we're still partying. I take a cup and offer it to Marley, our dog. Next thing I know, K spins around, as if possessed by the devil himself, teeth clenched, eyes red possibly even glowing.

She rips the cup from my hand. Marley's now cowering down behind me, likely fearful for her life.


Sigh. She's just a normal 3 year old. And I'm an adequate mom. Thanks for keeping it real for me.


  1. They do put us in our place. Often.

  2. K says "Spot of tea"... and all I hear these days is "o MEAL" (oatmeal) over and over again, 10 thousand times throughout the day.
    Btw....K has met her match. This morning, in a fit of rage, A threw her shoes and one landed in the bowl of cereal I was eating for breakfast. Today I went to the library to check out "The Happiest Toddler on the Block" DVD.