Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Hunger Games aka The Laundry, Dishes, and Dirt Piled Up

All I have read about on Twitter for weeks is The Hunger Games. Seriously. I had no clue what it even was. A book? A movie? A cult?

Yes. Yes. And yes.

On Monday evening, I decided I'd had enough. I had been out of the loop for far too long. To exist as an intelligent human being, a functioning member of society, I needed to know what this Hunger Games mess was all about.

Little did I know, from the moment I downloaded it to my iPad Monday evening until 1 o'clock today, I would cease to exist as a functioning member of society.

My plan backfired.

For 40 hours, I read whenever possible. I even dreamed about Katniss. We were BFFs.

I abandoned my position as mother and allowed Dora and the Neverland Pirates to take over. K ate breakfast watching tv while I sat by, with my coffee, reading. I allowed her to nap until 6:30 yesterday because I couldn't bring myself to stop reading. Naps past 5 o'clock are strictly forbidden when I'm on duty. Today, I put her lunch on the table and started reading, oblivious to whether or not she actually ate anything. I would have known if she had choked, I'm sure.

Meanwhile, the laundry piled up. So did the dishes. Apparently, if you don't keep up with that crap, you will run out of clean spoons and clean pajamas. Thankfully, dear husband went grocery shopping yesterday so we didn't starve during my "absence."

I'm sure the members of my house are glad I finished the book so quickly. Though, it turns out, I'm not finished. Evidently, this cult book is a trilogy.


I am now faced with a dilemma, do I take a break and regroup or download the next book? Life is full of such tough decisions.


  1. Do your laundry, clean the spoons, then start again. At least that's what I'm doing.

    1. K's laundry is really all that matters. And I'll just clean the spoons, maybe a sippie cup too. I'll be reading in no time.

  2. I am totally in the same boat right now. And as I sit here reading this, I am wondering what Katniss is doing.

  3. ok, I'm a little late to the game (I very rarely check my blogger reader) but I just finished THG last night. The weekend involved similar levels of temporary neglect (replace choking over lunch with drowning in bathtime, no idea if those kids are clean).

    I had decided that I was going to hold out and wait. What about you????

    1. I trudged on, taking a day off in between and finished the trilogy. Well worth the clutter and lack of attention my house endured.