Friday, February 3, 2012

Back Britax Driver

 K has started taking an interest in the rules of the road. No longer am I allowed to listen to music and just drive. She's nonstop asking questions. I've educated her on lane markings, turn signals, and highway signs. I've begun instilling in her courtesy and respect for other drivers. Together we read the signs to find our way home. And it's all rather cute. Mostly.

Except when she feels the need for speed, which is becoming far too often. This morning, while waiting safely to turn left, a garbage truck passes by.

"There goes a trash truck. It's like a race. Faster, Mama. Catch up to it."

And scary enough, I find myself accelerating. I want to catch it...for her of course. 

"Hurry, Mama. It's far away."

I speed up. I'm being peer-pressured by a 3 year old. But, luckily the light turns red and reality kicks in. I stop. The trash truck gets away...this time.

We play that game frequently. She locates a car, identifies it and the chase is on. Me driving as fast as I deem safe, her shouting encouraging words. I have to say, I enjoy playing it with the trains the most. With the trains, I know their speed is constant and I only have so much time before the road and the track are no longer parallel. The adrenaline rush as I start closing in on the train is amazing! Both hands tightly on the wheel, I feel my heart pounding...wait, where was I...K's need for speed, right.

When we're not chasing cars, she wants to pass them...all. I believe she subscribes to the Ricky Bobby school of thought, "If you're not first, you're last."

"Mama, we're the car behind, right? So you can go faster."

So I do, usually. I like to make my girl happy.

"Now are we still behind?"

It's a vicious cycle. Eventually I snap out of it and explain that Mama can't go 80 mph though a school zone, that's for the beltway.

I can't wait till she's old enough to drive. That will surely be karmas way of paying me back for the hell I put my father through when I got my license. Good times ahead for sure!

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