Thursday, February 2, 2012


K's favorite food is bacon. Without a doubt. Ever since it touched her lips the very first time, she was hooked. She's so hooked, it makes me wonder what's in the stuff.

I'm like a 1950's house wife, the amount of bacon I've cooked since she started eating it. If it was up to her, there would be bacon made available at every meal. But, I'm a good mom, so there's not. When I cook a pound of bacon, over the course of the week, K eats 2/3's of it. I'm concerned about my 3 year old's arteries and cholesterol level. I'm not concerned about mine or my husbands, but K's...a little bit.

This is when I feel it's necessary to talk about diet, before you get the wrong impression. Seriously. Hang up the phone. CPS is not needed yet. Other than the bacon, K's diet is very healthy. As a rule, she doesn't eat meat...bacon and shrimp are the exception. She eats a diet centered around fruits and vegetables. Now, she's a picky 3 year old, so the veggies must be raw and she prefers the fruit puréed in smoothie or popsicle form. She loves hard boiled eggs (whites only,) yogurt, and whole grain toast. Bacon is her weakness, her vice.

When we eat out, K assumes bacon is always on the menu. Always.

Chinese restaurant

Me: Do you want Chinese noodles?

K: No. Bacon.

Me: This restaurant doesn't sell bacon. Do you want the long noodles?

K: No. I said I want bacon.

Mexican restaurant

Me: Do you want chips and guacamole or salsa?

K: I want bacon.

Me: ...sigh

Pizza place

Me: Do you want cheese pizza?

K: NO! I don't want pizza. I don't like pizza!

Me: Do you want bacon on the pizza?

K: Yes, but I'm just eating the bacon.

Today, I cooked a pound of bacon. Sidetracked, I overcooked half of it. Who am I kidding? It was black. I burned it. 5 seconds after taking it out of the oven, the smoke detector went off. That's how badly I burned it. I served it to K with her lunch. She wasn't even phased. She loves bacon so much, she'll even eat it charred. She is dedicated to her love of bacon.


  1. I feel you. My daughter could survive on bacon. I now make it rarely; however, when I do it's Canadian bacon. And not just because I'm super patriotic ;)
    Sounds like you do a good job of balancing her bacon addiction.

  2. But our super-sensitive smoke detector goes off even when there's nothing in the oven :)

  3. My husband got bacon flavored dental floss for Christmas as a gag. It's almost disturbing how much it really tastes like bacon.

  4. Bacon is great! Clearly she has good taste!