Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mouth Buggies

There's a ginormous amount of tension in the air at my house. K's antics are taking a toll on everyone. I'm in need of lighthearted amusement. Or really good wine.

Hopefully this post will brighten my heart a little...


How many of you fine readers have ever thought...Gee, I sure do wish I could be a fly on Kara's sticky car wall. Seriously? None of you are going to raise your hand? I just finished telling you how rough things are and you can't throw me a bone? Whatever. A lot of really funny shit is said in my car. Here's a sample from this mornings car ride, the wit and wisdom of K.

K: Mama? Do I have buggies in my teeth?

Me: I can't look right now, I'm driving? 

But I do look. In the rear view, I see her, mouth wide open.

Me: I don't see any bugs.

K: My tooth hurts. It's probably the buggies. You know we all have buggies in our mouth, Mama?

Me: I know.

K: They're probably trying to build a nest in my mouth. Maybe if I drink my orange juice, the buggies will go away.

I contemplate asking her where the bugs will go when she drinks her juice. But decide against it, for fear she will infer that the bugs would go into her tummy. Knowing her insane phobia of insects, she may stop eating all together.

K: I don't want the buggies building nestses in my teeth. They're probably all working hard in my mouth building lots of nestses. Maybe a whole city. That's probably why my tooth hurts. All the building. You think the buggies like it in my mouth, Mama?

Me: Probably. 

K: You think they're going to be mad when I brush my teeth tonight? I'm gonna spit their nestses right out. thought provoking, little girl. Every now and again, she makes it all worth it. 

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