Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wit and Wisdom - Sun Edition

Without any ado, I bring to you the latest installment of the wit and wisdom of a 3 year old.

Setting: My car, of course

K: Hey Mama, a jet plane!

Me: I see. It's Southwest. Remember, the orange and blue planes?

For those of you wondering why I feel the need to teach my daughter the airline, it's simple. I'm hoping one day at pre-school, while outside on the playground, a plane will fly over and her intelligence will stun every adult in earshot. I can hear it now...Look, Mrs. Smith! A plane, Southwest, a Boeing 737. You know they have the 737 market cornered, Mrs. Smith?...They will be astounded. They will not believe a princess loving, fancy girl could possess such knowledge.


K: It's really high...I hope it doesn't run into the sun.

Me: Why? What would happen?

I'm just checking to see what knowledge she has on the sun...seemingly, very little.

K: The plane would wake the sun up. And then the sun would drop all the people from the plane down to the road. And that wouldn't be good.

Me: Well, you're right. That certainly wouldn't be good.

So there you have it. Generally, you see the sun depicted as a happy go lucky fellow, always wearing a smile. Clearly, K views the hot ball of plasma in a different light.


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  1. I love it!!! I can't wait until A shares her wisdom with me. Although, as of right now, I can't imagine her sharing anything other than .... "Look Mama! A balloon...balloon! Elmo! Ellllmooo! (she's jumping up and down of course). Elmo eat! Elmo OATMEAL . Elmo eat oatmeallll. ( now she's pulling on my pajama pants and whining:( EATTTT! ( now my pants are almost to my knees) OATMEAL! JUICE!! And our talk ends as she throws herself on the floor in hysterics, throws HEDGIE (or kitty fluffy) up in the air and then screams even louder because HEDGIE just landed in the dogs' water bowl. Yeah I think it will be a long time before she is sharing any wit and wisdom.